Benji McKinney

As the PROJECT DIRECTOR, Benji conducts new client meetings, coordinates project details, manages design staff, oversees all website design and development projects. He is also...

Skilled Marketing Guru, Advertising Consultant, Amateur Photographer & Coffee Snob

Benji is the owner of Moxa Media, LLC (formerly MBR Promotions). Benji got his start right out of high school with several freelance website projects and was hired as full time webmaster for a small party supply store. Throughout his freelance website projects and ecommerce experience at the party store, Benji began to focus on content management systems.

In 2009 Benji's freelance website business was too busy to remain a hobby. He estabished MBR Promotions and began to explore others aspects of marketing to offer a wider variety of services to his clients. In 2010 Moxa Media aquired the local monorgamming and embroidery company L&D Creations, hired some local talent and began to offer screen print, embroidery, promotional items and printed materials.